•        Weekly visit by professional pool technician
•        Test water for chlorine and pH and adjust each visit
•        Maintain proper water balance
•        Brush all walls, steps, and ladders, skim surface
•        Check water level and report to customer as needed
•        Backwash filter (add DE if required)
•        Empty pump and skimmer baskets
•        Empty pool cleaner bag
•        Inspect Equipment- Alert customer to any problems
Plus all of these valuable extras are included:
•        Your first and second filter clean each year for only $95.00 each time*
•        10% discounts on the labor end of all service work
•        Pump baskets, skimmer baskets, and tail scrubbers replaced as needed
 at no charge to you
Value Plan
Starting at $135.00 a month!
All taxes and chemical cost are included!
No contract
Phyllis Anderson's
Swimming Pool Services
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I also offer weekly, and bi-monthly vacuum services and will be glad to
come by and give free estimates